Many phone users are insulting if there’s any easy tutorial on how to set security settings on Android smartphone. Today, I will show you the below article which mainly teaches you how to set security setting on Android phone.
Avoid APPs from Unknown Sources
Sometimes we may unintendedly download and install some apps or browse some websites which are from unknown sources or haven’t reliable authority. This may be harmful both to your Android device and personal data. To prevent your phones or tablets from the damage of unknown sources, take the below measure is necessary. Go to Settings and click into Security interface and deselect Unknown sources. Some apps from unknown sources are not able to be downloaded and installed in your Android anymore.

Security Settings Disable Unknown Source Website or Apps
Locking Your Phone by Setting Pattern Code

With the development of camera function in smart phone, many people keep a lot of private photos in their phones, and numerous private messages or other information of contacts, the problem of personal privacy protection in mobile phone is coming out. Therefore, it?s necessary to lock your smart phone. And it can be easily completed by using swipe type touch pattern code protection through Android system.
First, you need to enter the setting interface, select Security and then Set Unlock Pattern. After input PIN pattern code here, you should open the security setting interface again and choose the option of Using Visible Pattern. And then you can lock your phone with pattern code.

Set Samsung Screen Pattern Lock

Locking Mobile Phone SIM Card

We can?t prevent losing our phone in 100 percent, but at least we are able to make sure that the bad men won?t take advantage of it if we lose the phone. That is to lock the SIM card.
You need to enter the setting interface first, choose Security, then choose Set Up SIM Card Lock and finally input PIN code in SIM card. After this process, other people cannot use your phone to call or send message without inputting the PIN code.

Select SIM Card Lock Set SIM Card Password
That?s it. It is easier than you have ever thought. What you need is to read the passage above carefully.

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