Scope of Work

ThaiHotline seeks to develop a mechanism to facilitate the cooperation of responsible stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, law enforcement agencies, Internet service providers, web hosting services, child protection organizations and others for an effective procedure to prevent and resolve related problems in order to make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

On receiving reports of illegal or harmful cases on the Internet, ThaiHotline will investigate each case and seek for cooperation from local and global organizations in supporting the creative and safe use of the Internet.

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ThaiHotline takes the processing of your data very seriously. We will take all reasonable steps to keep data collected on this site private and confidential at all times, in accordance with the requirements of all current legislation relating to data protection. This data includes personal details received in reports to the Hotline, responses to consultation documents and details kept on ThaiHotline mailing lists. Users of the site should also note that data relating to site usage are kept for analysis purposes in order to help further improve and develop the site. Any information gathered for this purpose is for internal use and contains no personal information other than the Internet Protocol address of the computer used to access the site.